Thank you!

Bericht 2.1.2017, Nicola Baloch

It’s time to say goodbye and thank you for the good cooperation to tireless Pixi and the Soulfood kitchen and the amazing Epigrafes Nea Magnisia team. Thank you for your friendship and hospitality, Robert Martinković, Adela Al Sharua and all volunteers involved. We hope we surpassed the status of „voluntourism“ and could make a little difference in the lives of the refugees stranded in Greece through supporting the longterm volunteers with energy, some funds and hands-on help.
It’s time to say goodbye for all of us but one…Lena decided to stay another week in the warehouse and help with the TruckShop and in this way prolongue the christmas convoy. And no Robbi, you can’t keep her 😎
We will stay in touch and hope to see again soon wherever our support and help may be needed. All the best to the dream team Hady, Moyad and Mohammad for your studies and your future. Please stay in touch with your extended family from Graz:Spendenkonvoi ❤

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