X-Mas Konvoi Griechenland (3)

Day 3 – Team Rob

Bericht Lena Baloch – 28.12.2016

Today was a happy day!
Basically we where distributing clothes to familys in apartments – so there was no dirt and no drama involved.
Rob asked us to help the Team of IHA – InterEuropean Human Aid Association and Team Bananas with the indoors truck „store“, where people can choose their own clothing, and try them on. (TruckShop) This time it was winter-jackets and jumpers.
There where a looooot of children who all got warm jackets, pullovers, socks and scarfs/gloves.
We didn’t work our asses of today, so we actually had time to communicate with each other! 🙂
And so it comes that I met so many great people today! I feel like we’re doing this together and it’s so nice to see that people from all around the world really care and take action!!
I’m not a big writer, but I dedicate this post to all the volunteers out there doing stuff and getting shit done!!

The following pictures where taken from Mohamad Hadi Almadani, I gave my camera to him and edited some of the ones he took:




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