Hilfsaktion Serbien – Juni 2017 – Fuit day

Fruit day… Bericht vom 17.6.2017 – Nicola Baloch

The day started out with a visit to the market where i bought freshly picked raspberries and some needlework material for the ladies in the camp to pass the time in the long days during Ramadan with nothing to do. They all know how to make beautiful patterns ….from there Adela and I went and helped the Serbian ladies in packing 1200 packs of vegetables and fruit, the Ramadan Packs we support, while Dada went on a secret mission… 😉 We were „paid“ in kind for the help with a watermelon the wife of the owner offered to us for free much to his dismay 😉 Back at the warehouse we discovered an apricot tree and plundered it. Last but not least we went to the camp for distribution and there a young boy addressed me and asked me to share his story…stay tuned. Now we are back at the apartment and are having a well deserved drink with sour cherries Danijela Campara bought for us in the market.


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